Finishing Line
In-Market Intelligence

Drive Business Forward

Integrate direct feedback from your target audience at the speed of business. Right-sized, collaborative market research for agile projects and teams.

LIVE 5Q™ Monitoring

Engaging, Point-in-Time Feedback

A LIVE exclusive, the 5Q™ provides you with a rapid response solution that delivers nimble, point-in-time audience experience feedback.

Research Activation

Turn Insight into Installation

Our answer to “now what”… LIVE takes strategic research and translates it into custom-designed activation plans that deliver on your business goals.

Our Solutions flex to guide your specific business challenge. Our process is the constant, ensuring we balance rigor with reality to enable action.

business goals, review existing intelligence and determine barriers to action


audience needs by understanding

current behavior


everyone to drive strategy and

motivate action 

& Go:

integrate elevated strategic direction into day-to-day operational execution

We’re in this together:
think conversation, not transaction
One size does not fit all:
prioritize personalization and timing
Context is everything:
measure and observe in the moment
Emotions drive behavior:
incorporate Key Experience Indicators
Be active listeners:
embrace open-ended data

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