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Integration Enhances: Better Research, Better Experiences

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

A peek behind the curtain at MMR LIVE’s Guiding Principles: Part 2

We’re celebrating our first six months by sharing what makes MMR LIVE live: taking experience strategy to the next level. This is the second of a three-blog series that explores each of our guiding principles.

  1. THE Experience Matters

  2. Integration Enhances

  3. Everything Communicates

Integration Enhances

“Integration” can be defined as “an act or instance of combining into an integral whole.” (dictionary.com) Sound simple? Yes…and no. Marketers sometimes make decisions based on “gut” or “instinct” even after considering available research. They aren’t always able to interpret data to make insightfully informed decisions that will have impact. They focus on the parts rather than an integrated whole. At MMR LIVE, we’re thinking differently. We insert experiential marketing and marketing research into each other’s ethos to help marketers tap into customer emotions and make their experiences better. Marketers need this honest and authentic feedback to achieve positive brand impacts. Our second guiding principle is about data, brand, and customer integration and the results that come from it.

Understanding integration impact starts with how the research is conducted. Typically, marketing research processes are designed to make it easier for the researcher than the people responding. Traditional researchers tend to think “How can we gather and analyze data efficiently?” vs. “How can we make it easy for people to participate and share authentic feedback?”

Connecting people to brands starts with the way we ask them to participate in information gathering about their brand experiences. We want to gain an accurate and deeply intuitive understanding of how they feel. Then we need to convert those feelings into insights that lead to brand affinity. Marketing research and experiential marketing have vital roles to play in this equation. Integrating them gives marketers line of sight to the motivation behind and logistics of good brand experiences.

When MMR LIVE integrates marketing research and experiential marketing, we shift from “What do you think?” to “How do you feel?” We believe that this people-centric emotional approach yields more nuanced feedback. The truth is that we conduct research with people. They may be responding to us, but when we think of them as more than just respondents, we have a chance to meet them where they are. We can make their participation in our conversation more interesting and rewarding for them, and ultimately the brands we represent. Once we do that, we can learn what motivates them and provide insights that predict future behavior – a gold mine for brands.

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