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MMR LIVE COVID-19 Contingency Information

Updated: 5 days ago

As we are all paying close attention to the COVID-19 pandemic and its associated challenges, our clients are asking about the ability to conduct research (safely and effectively), considering disruptions and current social-distancing requirements.

This information will be updated on an ongoing basis.

Q: Is MMR LIVE still helping clients connect with people to conduct research?

A: Yes – MMR LIVE already works in a 100% virtual experience ecosystem, so we do not have to create any new operational processes to ensure appropriate social distancing for our team.

Q: What types of projects can still be conducted?

A: Following our parent company policies [Read Here], we can still conduct most types of research using various digital tools.

Q: What about in-person research? When will it be safe to restart these types of projects?

A: Given that LIVE’s core work is in-person, assessing the appropriateness and feasibility of any in-person research is very important to us right now. Our current guidance is to postpone in-person projects until after April 24.

This date will likely be extended as authorities update their recommendations regarding social distancing. We will continue to follow government protocols to ensure all personal safety (staff, customers, etc), and make recommendations to mitigate brand reputation impact.

We understand that even with the best planning, the next few weeks will likely throw us all a few more curveballs. Flexibility will be crucial once in-person work is back up and running.


For more information, please see these guidelines from the Insights Association.

Be well, and stay safe! If you have questions or concerns about anything, don’t hesitate to ask; we will be here. You can reach us at hello@mmr.live