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MMR LIVE - Improving the Experience

By Patricia (Tricia) Houston, COO / Founder of MMR LIVE

In June, MMR Research Associates formally introduced MMR LIVE, its new experience strategy division that will help companies improve, create and measure brand-consumer connections. Researchers, marketers, and consumer experience professionals will all find common ground with LIVE’s specific blend of expertise in building better experiences across all touchpoints.

MMR was founded nearly 20 years ago with an advanced analytics specialty; the company has continued to grow, evolving into a highly specialized research concierge with a method-agnostic approach designed to drive business action. The formation of this new division adds an innovative extension with a laser focus on improving experience, pushing the boundaries of market research (MRX) and positioning the company on the cutting edge of the research industry future.

MMR LIVE’s expertise in guiding client efforts ranges from reimagining their full customer experience from the ground up to consulting only on experience measurement. Unlike other consumer experience solutions, MMR LIVE is not constrained by a single tech platform or provider. We don’t ask our clients to learn the LIVE system; instead we want to learn yours or be able to guide you to an appropriate tech partner for your needs.

So what is MMR LIVE doing that’s different from what I’m used to getting / doing with MMR?

What you can expect is the same holistic client engagement and business impact prioritization you experience with any MMR Research project. However, the types of projects on LIVE’s radar might not be what you think MMR for today. The focus on experience puts LIVE at the center of projects often related to operations, customer service, experiential events, and branding.

For example, here are a few projects LIVE is already working on for clients who are addressing audiences ranging from consumer to B2B:

  • Facilitating cross-functional mapping sessions to define current experiences and imagine future states

  • Observing, asking, and measuring user and customer experiences in the field as they happen

  • Developing and deploying measurement methods that are uncomfortably simple yet decidedly human

  • Creating detailed operational plans for companies ready to build better experiences, and standing by to assist with execution

LIVE won’t be duplicating the expertise MMR has in designing and executing strategic marketing research studies. We’re forging into new territory, with the full support of the MMR team as needed when something falls outside our focused wheelhouse for measurement.

How is MMR LIVE pushing MRX forward?

One aspect that will always be at the core of what we do is the respondent experience. We strongly believe in shifting the burden away from the consumer, allowing them to interact and respond more naturally. To do this, we actively seek out technology partners who understand that a frictionless, end-to-end experience is the key to retaining our industry’s most precious assets – consumer attention and honesty.

LIVE will offer next-generation market research solutions that challenge conventional thinking and advance the respondent experience in consumer insights, going beyond being mobile optimized (today, that’s a given).

What business challenges should make you think “MMR LIVE”?

For researchers:

  • If there is a group of consumers (a target audience or your own list) that you want to have an ongoing conversation with, we can manage a highly active, engaged, ongoing community for you enabled by our strategic social platform partner STAANCE. This platform allows companies to insert themselves naturally into a conversation with their consumers, providing a place where they can listen, learn, and interject in ways that are non-obtrusive.

  • If you want to audit or revamp your customer feedback system, our suite of tech partners can bring your program to life. Have you met morphii yet? Their patented approach to emotional measurement can add depth to your current CX program and provides an NPS alternative. VideoCX, powered by VoxPopMe, brings a human element to your results (read more about Thinking Video First).

For operations, CX, or marketing professionals:

  • If you are deploying a new service or brand identity (or need to revamp one), we can help you build a strategy connecting all the touchpoints in the rollout and set KPIs to measure success. Read a case study here.

  • If you manage or work with experiential or live event assets, we’d like to chat. We know events, and we know measurement in this space is tough. LIVE can help you go beyond traditional metrics like impressions, incorporate emotion into your event diagnostics, and focus on driving business impact.

We welcome the opportunity to introduce you to what our team can do.