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THE Experience Matters: Going Further, Faster

Updated: Jan 23, 2019

A peek behind the curtain at MMR LIVE’s Guiding Principles: Part 1

It’s now been six months since MMR LIVE went officially, well … live. We’re inspired by brands who want to go further, faster. And, we applaud them for taking time to understand how to create better experiences at every touchpoint.

Our expertise is integrating and operationalizing the best of experiential marketing and marketing research. We’re rearranging the strategy puzzle to lead with experience. This is the first of a three-blog series that explores each of our guiding principles.

  1. THE Experience Matters

  2. Integration Enhances

  3. Everything Communicates

THE Experience Matters

CMOs, brand strategists, customer experience professionals and other organizational leaders all want to advance their brands. They know that how customers experience their brands can make or break them. The path forward isn’t always as crystal clear as they’d like it, however. They’re all asking the same question: What creates a good experience?

MMR LIVE places emphasis on “the experience” as part of guiding principle number one. This emphasis is deliberate. It’s not about our resumes, our “experience”...rather, we believe that when organizations get the experience strategy right, then the rest of the strategy pieces will fall into place. A solid experience strategy is not optional. It drives brand strategy. When we say, “the experience matters,” it’s because we know that it sets the stage to build relationships between people and brands. It’s efficient, multi-sensory mass customization and engagement that is experienced individually. There are three parts:

  1. Audience – Who is the brand talking with?

  2. Brand Content – What do organizations want their audiences to know/What do audiences need to know in order to choose brands?

  3. Context – Where and how will the brand-audience conversation take place?

These may look familiar. They’re the building blocks of experiential marketing strategy. We take experience strategy beyond this traditional approach. MMR LIVE captures emotional understanding and quantifies the levels of engagement that move consumers to think a certain way, change an opinion or buy a brand. We’re using authentic feedback to predict the levels of delight needed to influence preference. Another way to say this? We quantify the qualitative so brands better understand their customers.

Why all this attention to how customers feel? Consumers choose what they’re going to buy, where they’re going to buy, and how they’ll buy (on premise or online) based on emotions. Today’s consumers are very vocal about the process and the brand - and how they feel about both plays a definitive role in its success. Brands who pay attention to “the experience” end-to-end are setting themselves up to win.

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