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FPO text :Memorable experience don't just happen, they are built. This requires strategy, measurement, and continual improvement. By focusing on user experience and not internal constraints, companies can build relationships by making visitors feel welcome and engaged.


Live Events

Are your live events are designed to create an emotional connection with your audience? We can help you design, measure, and optimize event experiences that will build relationships. All rooted in human emotion.

(working list)

  • Event design (qual with event fly through on large screen)

  • Experiential marketing strategy

  • On-site emotional measurement (morphii)

Customer Experience (CX)

Whether you have an established CX function or are just getting started, we can help drive your CX efforts forward. Using our Experience Framing process we first consult with your team to understand where you are on your CX journey - then we create a customized Map, Measure, Modify approach.


(Working list)

  • Organizational CX Integration

  • CX Strategy Refinement

  • VOC Programs

  • Custom Communities (staance)

  • Customer Retention Programs

  • CRM Strategy

  • Close Looped Feedback Implementation (Dapresy)

Brand Strategy

You've got a lot to say, and we're here to make sure your audience gets the right message. Even the smallest communication can leave an impression. Just because media opportunities are available, doesn't mean they are a fit for your organization; we focus on quality over quantity and use emotional connection as our measure of impact.

(working list)

  • Agile creative testing (Staance)

  • Social media creative testing in a live social media environment (Staance)

  • Emotion Index (need name) using morphii

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Case Studies